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Sunday, August 12, 2012

I hate to go and leave this pretty sight! ♫♪♬

Today marks the end of a chapter. After working at Forever 21 for three years, the time to bid adieu is here. It saddens me so much to leave this spectacular store that has been like my second home for so long and has changed me in to the woman i am today. Three years ago i walked into an empty space where there used to be a movie theater, then a bowling alley, that was then being transformed into the store of my dreams. From carrying the new fixtures in cardboard boxes, wrapped in bubble wrap, up a million flights of stairs, to unwrapping the new clothes and hanging them in beautiful wooden hangers. All of this hard work didn't prepare us for our first weeks of work, which were hell on earth, but we all learned together, as a team and after a couple of months we we're pros at our work. 

(2009, Photo curtesy of Forever 21, Inc) 

Back then i was such a newb, i didn't know much about fashion or about working in retail but i was so eager to learn. From sales associate, to team leader, and this time last year to visual merchandising assistant, after a couple of months offered a Visual Merchandising position at the new store in Plaza Carolina but because i'm a full time college student, i was unable to accept :(. I have learned to love all the hard work that is put into the process of building a store from the ground up and updating it every couple of months. 

I will miss our three days of floorset overnights every three months, the sweat, the laughs on our one hour break, the bags in our eyes on the third night. This job was never easy, but who enjoys a boring job? 
boxes on top of boxes, on top of more boxes
floorset break
moving lamps and changing light bulbs in style

But mostly, i will miss the friendships i've developed in this store. They have helped me through my transitions of positions, they have made me laugh until i've cried, they have made this job so hard to leave behind.
I will miss: our hanging parties, our breakfast runs to the food court, our gossip, helping each other out when we have ridiculous requests from corporate, our lunch breaks, even our early mornings, among a million other things. 
Three Kings Day party, 2012
visual christmas party with the greatest friend, 2011

I really don't know what i would've done without all of these beautiful people in my life. I am truly blessed. But now comes a new chapter. A month from today husband and i will be jetting off to Okinawa, Japan, where we will spend the next three years of our lives. I am so ready for this adventure. 

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  1. thanks!! :) it was one of my first blogposts and there are some pictures missing!! i need to fix that but i don't remember which pictures those are, haha! sorry about that! and yeah our store was the second largest in squarefeet! it was a dream!

  2. Aww, I enjoyed reading this! One of my favorite jobs was at a retail store! But man, that Forever 21 is HUUUUGE! :)