Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall Wardrobe: Wishlist

It's slowly, very slowly starting to feel a little cooler here and i just can't wait for this holiday season. I'm ready to break out the sweaters, the leggings, the boots and put away all the summer clothes. I've already started shopping for new fall pieces, like a pretty plaid button-up with small polka dots, a black and white circle skirt, an oxblood scarf, a little black dress, some cute sweaters and that gorgeous purse you see up there. I'm especially wanting a pair of ankle boots and i'll be checking out some local stores this weekend before shopping online. 

Is it already feeling chilly where you live?! What's on your fall wishlist? 

Wishlist Sources: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Daydreaming of Hokkaido

Husband and I may be staying in Okinawa longer than planned, so of course this means we get to do more traveling! While Typhoon Vongfong was going crazy outside, i killed some time on Pinterest looking for place we'd like to travel to. As soon as i wrote 'Hokkaido' in the search bar and clicked enter i started daydreaming of this magical place. I told G that we definitely HAVE to make it here before we leave Asia. However we can't decide what time of the year would be better to visit because let's face it both Winter and Spring look absolutely stunning.

Hokkaido in the Winter:

Hokkaido in the Spring:

Q: Give us a hand, what time of the year do you think we should visit Hokkaido?!

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Battlesites Tour: Battle of Okinawa Historical Society Display

The second stop on our Battlesites Tour was the Battle of Okinawa Historical Society Display on Camp Kinser. "The museum is a volunteer only operation and maintains it's collection from pieces donated through the generosity of veterans and private collectors, items recovered from construction sites and places of historical interest, as well as items discovered and purchased on Ebay" - OkinawaHai. The display is divided into sections representing different events during the Battle of Okinawa.

^^ it was really cool seeing the uniforms, weapons and little things from the 40s^^
^^ Read about the japanese draft notice on the top of this picture ^^
^^ this was one of my favorite item in the display ^^
^^ we knew my brother's were going to really enjoy this tour and what guy doens't like playing with old guns? ^^
^^ 1940's shoes or hipster shoes?! Haha ^^

The Battle of Okinawa Historical Society Display is located on Room 232 of Building 107 in Camp Kinser. Because the museum is operated on a volunteer basis, it's available to visit only by making an appointment or by going through the Battle Sites Tour offered by ITT Travel and Tours +. Click here for more information. Admission is free of charge, but they do accept donations. 

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Okinawa Bucket List: Year 3

We've been living in Okinawa for two years already! Man time has flown! (Did you catch our recap post? If not read all about our first year, here). I decided to write another Bucket List for Year 3, because it helps whenever we have time off to just look up this list and pick something to do, instead of spending so much time trying to find what to see/do. Here are the places we would like to visit this upcoming year.

                     - Bise Village                                                                                      - Shrine Visit on New Years Day
                     - Nakagusuku Castle Ruins                                                              - White Beach Cabins w/ friends
                     - Melody Road                                                                                  - Geocaching
                     - 50s Cafe                                                                                           - Bullfight                                                                                            - Stand-up Paddle Boarding                                                           - Ie Island (biking)
                     - Ryukyu Glass Craft/Yomitan Pottery Village                             - Camping at Zamami Island
                     - Couples Massage at Secret Garden                                            - Hiji Falls
                     - Orion Beer Factory                                                                        - Shrine Visit on New 
                     - Hydrangea Garden                                                                        - Futenma Shrine
                     - Nenpou-ji Temple                                                                          - Ashibina Outlet Mall
                     - Okinawa Zoo                                                                                   - Naha Dragon Boat Races
                     - Ikei Beach                                                                                        - Kourii Island
                     - Rollerslide Park Hopping                                                               - Agena Castle Ruins
                     - Caanilani: Hawaiian Pancakes                                                      - Diving Certification (Gustavo)

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Okinawa: A Journey of Discovery

The awesome Kassie of Mr. & Mrs. O, a fellow Okinawa blogger, emailed a bunch of other bloggers here on island letting us know about this new reality show called "Okinawa: A Journey of Discovery". I watched the promo and i felt so blessed to be able to live in this beautiful little island, i just had to share it with you guys. The show brings 7 travelers, from all around the world, who specialize in different fields (photography, fitness, food, music, etc) and takes them around a journey to discover the beautiful Okinawa. There's only 3 episodes up but it's so much fun and i seriously can't wait to see the rest! I really hope you guys check it out! You can also check out the videos on their YouTube channel.

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