Thursday, July 30, 2015

Pin-spiration Thursdays: Hong Kong

It's official!! My girlfriends and I are going to Hong Kong in a few days, and I am so excited. I have been wanting to take a trip for months and it's finally happening!! *Happy Dance* We will be spending 4 nights in Hong Kong Island and exploring all the fun places Hong Kong has to offer; like the markets! We're also hoping to make it to Macau for a day, i mean a little piece of Europe in Asia - can't wait.

Victoria Peak | Ten Thousand Buddha Monestary | Bird Market, Kowloon | Wong Tai Sin Temple 

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Tokyo DisneySea: Part 2

My family came to visit last July and they stayed for two and a half weeks in Okinawa. Before traveling back to America we took them on a little 3 day trip to Tokyo. We visited the Sensoji Temple, the Tokyo Sky Tree, Ueno Park and Tokyo Disney Sea. I blogged the first part of Tokyo Disney Sea featuring the Disney Resort Monorail, Mediterranean Harbor, American Waterfront and Toy Story Mania six months ago and i just kept putting off writing this second post. This post features the Port Discovery, the gorgeous Mermaid Lagoon (my favorite part of the whole park) and a little bit of the Arabian Coast in the sunset. 

^^ We got soaked on this water ride called Aquatopia and then we rode Storm Rider, both in the Port Discovery area ^^

The Mermaid Lagoon was my absolute favorite part of the park. All the tiny details like, the mozaic walls with mermaid tiles, the street lamps and of course the intricate underwater looking kid's park. Experiencing it during the sunset also made it seem extra magical, the same with the Arabian Coast.

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Sunday, July 12, 2015

How to Deal With Your Spouse Being Gone

Being a military spouse i feel like i have a little bit of experience being alone for some stretches of time. I am definitely not an expert in the subject and my husband has (thankfully) never deployed. But before getting married we were long distance for 2 years, then after moving to Okinawa he has gone on a couple of trainings off-island. Can't forget the 9 months he lived 2 hours away, which meant seeing him only a few times a month. Then next year he will be going back to the states for four months and let's just say i am dreading it; badly. I thought this was a good subject to write about, since i have a little experience with it. 

Here's a little breakdown of how separation from your spouse usually goes:

1. Saying Goodbye Sucks! - Enjoy every second you have left with your spouse, basically be attached to the hip for the last few days/hours. Go out on dates, lay on the couch together, but especially talk about the next few weeks / months / year. A lot of people write letters to each other to read after they're separated, or some even send their spouse off with big amount of letters to get them through the course of their time away. Find your special thing, here are a few ideas! 

Is your spouse deployed? Check out these awesome care package ideas by a fellow military wife over at Courtney Crafts

2. The First Few Days Are The Worst - You'd think saying goodbye would be the worst part.. but i don't think so. The first few days are like a haze.. so cry it off, eat some ice cream, sit on the couch and binge watch a new show on Netflix, i promise you it gets better. To take your mind off it all why not plan a girls day with your closest friends or go visit your family. Like crafting? Create a cute countdown or calendar to help you check off everyday that goes by. 

3. Yay! You've Found Your Groove - This is when things get easy. After the first few days or sometimes the first few weeks of feeling out of sorts, you've finally found your groove. Rejoice!! By this point you have mastered your schedule, you actually look like a human being (HA!), you're making time for the gym, you're not eating cereal for dinner everyday, sleeping alone is a piece of cake (having the bed to yourself rocks!) and you've finally stopped crying. Go you! 

If you're spouse will be gone for a really long time and you're able to visit, this would be the perfect time to start planning your trip!!

4. Your Countdown is in the Small Digits!! - And we're back to another hard part. As the countdown keeps getting lower and lower the anxiety starts creeping up. The days start passing slower because you're just so close to having your spouse back. Make a To-Do list to help you feel more organized, especially during those last few days. If you're planning on getting pretty for the homecoming go shop for your outfit and make your hair/nail appointments. 

5. Hooray! You did it! - Look back at all you've accomplished, go ahead and pat yourself in the back. You Rock! Looking back doesn't it feel like time just flew? I know that's how i always feel. The butterflies are probably already settling in, revel in it. That feeling doesn't happen everyday. Now go ahead and enjoy your homecoming! Oh and be sure to take some cute pictures! 

Q: Any other advice you would give to someone about to start this journey?

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Friday, July 10, 2015

Ikei Beach, Ikeijima

Two weekends ago we were wanting to do something outdoors because the weather was absolutely perfect, so we decided to head to Ikei Beach. The last time we visited Ikei we only drove around and then decided to go back home because we were starving and we couldn't find a place to eat. 

My friend Katie came along with us and of course we had to make a stop at the gorgeous red bridge. Ikei Beach is located right after the bridge and although you have to pay ¥400 per adult to get into beach we really enjoyed the facilities. You can also pay extra to do tons of water activities and there's also a small cafe inside that serves Okinawan food. 

^^ We also rented an umbrella for ¥900 ^^

^^ the best way to cool down after a few hours at the beach is of course Kakigori (shaved ice) ^^

We later drove around the island trying to find 2 unique houses that my friend Hannah featured on this post. We sadly only found this one but wow was amazing! I wish there was a way of knowing who designed these and if the houses are abandoned or still in use. Hooray for another place checked off my Okinawa Bucketlist

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Lovely Letters - Snail Mail Exchange (June)

While i was reading Local Adventurer (an awesome blog you should totally check out) i found that they host a monthly international snail mail exchange called Lovely Letters and i got really excited because i've been wanting to be a part of another fun pen pal exchange. The packages have a budget of $7, so it's just a little fun detail to share with new pen pal friends! 

I got paired with Mo from Mo Explores, i loved getting to know her through our emails, her fun blog and YouTube Channel! The theme of this month's exchange was SUMMER FUN! 

Outgoing package:
  • Hanabi (Fireworks) Hand Fan 
  • Okinawa Fish Magnet
  • Balancing Dragonfly
  • Japanese Snacks: Popsicles / Hi Chew / Unknown snack (lol!) 
  • Okinawa Postcard (Lovely Letter)

I wanted my box to reflect Summer in Okinawa, and of course i hit up the ¥100 store to gather all the items. Hanabi or Fireworks is one of the ways the Japanese celebrate summer and you can't survive a summer here without a fan in your purse. Okinawa is known for having some of the world's best diving spots and who doesn't love a cute magnet! Also, the dragonflies appear out of nowhere and are a sign that summer is here! Of course i couldn't send a box without adding some Japanese snacks, so i added some popsicles you can pop into the freezer, some strawberry flavored Hi Chew and a candy that looked cool in the store, lol! 

Incoming package: 
  • Glamour Magazine
  • Hello Kitty Stickers
  • Weekly Planner
  • Flag - Gel Clings
  • Lovely Letter! 

Like the idea of an International Snail Mail Exchange? Read all the rules, here

Lovely Letters Snail Mail Exchange

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