Sunday, August 17, 2014

Weekly Wishes: August Goals

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Yup, i'm super late with this month's goals but can you blame me? i've been having fun with our family and enjoying every second of my time with G before he leaves this week. 

Welcome to Weekly Wishes an awesome link-up created by Melyssa of The Nectar Collective, as a way to breakdown our own goals/wishes for the week, as well as share positivity and motivation to others. I recently shared my New Year's Resolutions, as well as my Blogging Goals for 2014 and one of those goals was to get back into the Weekly Wishes swing, because i haven't participated since October and that's just sad. I've always loved the idea of Weekly Wishes and i know it would be the perfect way to remind myself of my long-term 2014 goals! After my previous entries (here) i noticed that blogging about my goals pushes me to reach them by the end of the week and the sense of satisfaction at the finish line feels pretty darn good. Sharing the goals i met at the end of the week keeps me coming back for more. I recently realized that setting weekly wishes was not so much me, so now i'm trying to set Monthly Wishes! 

Let's see how i did in July:

1. Hold my hubby especially tight. It was so much fun to have my hubby by my side for three whole weeks. Sadly he's leaving again this week :/. 2. Spend as much time as possible with our friends who are PCS-ing! Yup, dinner, beach days, mani/pedis and BBQ's! Some of our friends already left and the others are leaving in just a week! : ( Oh military life. 3. Survive inventory at work. It was pretty harsh but we finished inventory in only 4 days! 4. Get ready for our visitors! Our house looked so good for our visitors! I was supposed to take picture but never really got around to it.. 5. Enjoy every second of our family time. We did just this and taking a break from blogging really helped. I really can't wait to share with you guys all that we did! 

This month's goals are: 

1. Catch up on my adventure blogposts. It usually takes me a while to sit down, download, edit and post pictures. I haven't finished posting about our Ishigaki trip! So i really want to take advantage of this time alone to catch up with blogposts. 

2. Stop procrastinating. I need to make an eye appointment, a dentist appointment and i need to take my ball dress to get hemmed. I've been procrastinating really badly lately and i just need to get these things done.

3. Stay Busy. G is gone for the next month and a half and i really want to stay busy to make time fly. Hopefully i get to go on adventures with some friends, blog as much as possible and maybe work on some creative projects :). 
I know where already half way through this month but i didn't really want to skip this post! 

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Hello there, separation funk

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It's that time again, field-op time! *yay* (said no military wife ever!) I'm really sorry about writing two sort of depressing posts one after the other but it's been a stressful week. I promise i'll start cheering up and posting about our vacation soon!

After hearing about this trip only six days before he was supposed to leave, constant itinerary changes, i'm talking like 5-6 flight changes (the last one literally happened as i was dropping him off at the airport). To say this week has been super stressful is an understatement and G deserves a medal for keeping his cool every time he got a phone call, because i would've gone ape s#!% if i was the one having to deal with it. Anyways, everything worked out in the end and G is on his way to his jungle survival training in Malaysia. Although i know he didn't want to leave me, i know he's excited about everything he's going to learn. Let's just say if a zombie apocalypse ever happens i'll make it thanks to him and his survival skills. 

I titled this post "Hello there, separation funk" because there's always a period of adjustment whenever your spouse is away, usually lasting only a couple of days, a week tops but after you sort of get back into the groove of things. This separation funk has been coming and going more times than i'd like to admit, but can you blame me? This guy has gone on a couple of field operations this year and let's not forget the whole moved to a new unit in the jungle and living in the barracks during the week thing. Sure he's only done that for three weeks total (because he's been sent to two field-ops in between) but who's keeping track... 

I am looking forward for this funk to be gone already. Work really helped today but as soon as i walked into our apartment i got this heavy heart feeling and every emotion just rushed in. I kept thinking about the 45ish days ahead and got pretty sad, but nothing a warm bath, a good book and a funny movie couldn't fix! The key to dealing with this separation funk is keeping busy and staying positive, so this i will try to do. 

Any advice on things to do? Shows to watch? Books to read? I'm open to any suggestions :) 

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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Post-Vacation Blues

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I'm back!! It feels so good to be on my laptop writing this post, you guys have no idea how much i missed blogging, but this little break was much needed. My mom, my brothers and sister-in-law came all the way to Japan for three whole weeks and it was soo much fun to show them around our favorite places, as well as exploring Tokyo for four days! For two and a half weeks our tiny apartment was home to six people and although it was crazy at times, we sort of miss it. We came back from Tokyo on thursday night and friday morning we were both back to work. Let me tell you as soon as i walked in our apartment after work i got the saddest, loneliest feeling. It finally sank in that the vacation we had been planning for months was over, that our family was on their way back home, that we were alone on this side of the world, that the house needed to be cleaned and our luggage had to be unpacked, ugh we were back to reality. Post vacation depression is seriously the worst. But wanna know the cherry on top? Husband got to work and they informed him he was leaving next week for a month and a half... HOORAY for yet another last minute field op! *not* -_- Oh military life, you really suck sometimes. 

Anyways.. i'm really excited to be back into the blogging game. I have tons of blogposts ideas and i guess i'll have tons of free time for the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned! :)

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Water Buffalo Taxi - Iriomote Island to Yobu Island

I've been really absent these past few weeks. I had been working more days then usual (inventory and then a new shipment), getting our house ready for our family's visit and now they are here! I wanted to schedule some posts in advance, but that just didn't happen. I had already edited these pictures and today we had a down morning, so i sat down and wrote this post. I may come back and write another post of our Ishigaki Anniversary trip while our family is here, but i won't promise anything. I will for sure be back with tons and tons of posts in August! Thanks for understanding! 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

For our anniversary trip to Ishigaki, there was one thing i was dying to experience, the Water Buffalo Taxi's from Iriomote Island to Yobu Island. I had read about them in my New York Times. 36 Hours. Asia & Oceania book and my boss also told me it was a must! On our third day there we took a tour to Iriomote island, one of the other islands in the Yaeyama chain. Yobu is a tiny little island (with a circumference of only 2.15 kilometers) just off the east coast of Iriomote, separated by a small beach. After a typhoon in 1969, most of the residents relocated to Iriomote island and only one elderly couple stayed with a dream to "make the island a garden paradise". Now it is just that! You can find 30 varieties of hibiscus, 10 types of palm trees, guava and papaya fruit trees, and more! 

They have a little more than 40 Asian water buffalo on Yobu Island; all of which have unique names! "Training in pulling carts begin two or three years after birth and quick learners begin hauling passengers after just six months to a year of training. They live for 30 years and pull carts for 15-20 years". (Yobu Island Brochure) They love water and spend most of their free time in the pond.

Our taxi ride back to Iriomote was extra special because our driver had a sanshin (an Okinawan musical instrument) and tons of lyrics to traditional Okinawan songs on the roof of his cart. In the taxi with us was a couple, a girl from China and a European guy (both of whom spoke japanese), as well as a japanese girl who translated as best as she could for us. The driver asked us where we were all from and then asked us to choose a song from the roof. We laughed because they were all written in japanese and of course we couldn't read them. The couple chose one and he serenated us the rest of the way. He was the sweetest guy and tried really hard to communicate with us, but of course most of it was lost in translation. We left his taxi wishing we knew more japanese!! I added a clip below of his serenade :)

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Throwback: Our First Okinawan Summer

As we get ready for our family's arrival NEXT WEEK, we've been trying to make a list of places and things we want them to experience during their time here. We also want to add some places from our Bucket List that we haven't had a chance to visit yet. As i was writing this list down i was relying a lot on our adventure posts from the past two years. While looking back i realized what a jam packed summer we had last year! Here are some of the things we did during our first Okinawan summer, we are hoping to re-experience some of these during our family visit! 

stopped and smelled the lilies on Ie Island | experienced a gorgeous sunset on Cape Zanpa | hiked to/from Fukugawa Falls

visited a local flower shop | had breakfast with friends at Seaside Cafe Hanon | took pictures of my favorite view
celebrated 4th of july in Yomitan Village | pet-sitted Lucy and Penny

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