Monday, November 24, 2014

Tokyo DisneySea: Part 1

When our family came to visit we took them to Tokyo because they weren't going to come all the way to this side of the world and not see Mainland Japan, one of my must-do's for our second trip was to go to Tokyo Disney Sea. We bought our tickets online and didn't have to wait in line that day! But we did get there a little late and most of the Fast Passes were sold out but we made the best of it during the long lines. The first order of business was getting some Mickey/Minnie hats at the gift shop and then we saw the first parade, which was at the lake and it ended in us getting drenched which was amazing because the summer heat was terrible. 

^^ It was kind of surreal walking around this area of the park because it felt like we were walking around in the US, first New York and then a little Coastal town. ^^

We had so much fun this day, although it was miserably hot but nothing a few Minnie/Mickey popscicles couldn't fix. Also, I decided to divide the post into two because i didn't want to bomb you with a million pictures, so stay tuned for part 2 but i really hope you enjoy these pictures :). 

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Pin-spiration Thursdays: Indigo

pattern bowls | mix match tile | color hues | plate setting | indigo dye | knick knacks

It's been sooo long since i've done one of these pin-spiration posts but i think it's time to bring them back, don't you think? This particular post will most definitely make you obsess over this color combination i am currently in love with. These are actually the colors i'd like to use to decorate my living room but right now all you can see is mint, mint, mint and maybe a splash of gold. You want to know how obsessed i am? Well these are actually the colors of our christmas cards this year and i can't wait to get them in the mail, send them off and then share them with you guys <3. 

Also, I have been thinking of starting a little china collection with Japanese indigo pottery that i can mix and match with other white dishes and brown serveware. We'll see if i can get a pretty decent collection during our time here. 

Q: What color combinations are you currently obsessing over? 

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Snapshots at the Agena Central Park

Yesterday my lovely friend Kassie did me a huge favor and took some pictures of us at the Agena Central Park. We've been wanting to check this place out for the longest time, especially since it's only 2 minutes away from where we live but for some reason we hadn't made time for it until now. We were pleasantly surprised with how beautiful the grounds were and not only are there ruins of a 14th century Ryukyu Castle, but there is also a bullfighting ring. 

^^ yes, we climbed and walked on top of this huge wall but i'm so happy with how this picture turned out^^
^^ these are the steps where people sit during the bullfights, they sure made a beautiful backdrop. ^^

^^ Kassie brought these candy canes and it's safe to say these are my favorites. Hello Christmas cards. ^^

It was so much fun having our pictures taken, although we were sort of nervous at first and then we got a major case of the giggles, but i'm pretty sure we made Kassie laugh a lot. It also started raining as soon as we got there and the wind picked up which meant my hair took a turn for the worst but you can barely tell in the pictures! I'm hoping we can make this a yearly thing because it feels so good to have pictures to look back on, especially to remember our time in Okinawa.

Outfit Details: 
She - Dress: Forever21 (similar) / Necklace: Forever21 / Boots: Sperry Topsiders
Him - Sweater: Method / Button-Up: Uniqlo / Chinos: Uniqlo / Shoes: ALDO 

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