Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Capes by the East China Sea

Our family arrived in Okinawa on a Thursday night and thankfully they were able to go to sleep as soon as we got home, meaning they didn't suffer much from jetlag and we were able to explore from Day 1! We did have a late-ish morning, cooked a yummy breakfast and then headed out to explore Cape Manzamo and Cape Zanpa in the west coast of the island. The day was gorgeous and humid (ugh), all i wanted to do was jump into the water! It was also our first time exploring Manzamo and i couldn't get over the coral reefs that were visible from the top of the cape. I wish i was into snorkeling because i bet this spot is gorgeous!
^^ i love being able to see Ie island everytime we visit this part of the East China Sea ^^ 

^^ yup, my mom practicing her japanese pose!! ^^

^^ you can find these cutouts all over the island, this one's a Goya

^^ yup, channeling some Rose and Jack in Cape Zanpa ^^ 

^^ of course we needed some shots in front of the giant shisa dog! ^^

^^ i promise you he loves his sister, don't let that face fool you! HAHA ^^
^^ We ended up at the Sega Arcade in American Village and it was a pretty fun experience! ^^

* all of the Zanpa pictures were taken from my iPhone because of course i forgot to charge my camera..

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Monday, September 1, 2014

7 ways to deal with Anxiety

For some reason, after a really scary flying experience last May i've been suffering from anxiety more than i'd like to admit. If you don't know what anxiety is, it's a "really fear based emotion which creates an emotional and physical response in the body". I felt anxious during that whole trip, which usually manifests itself in lack of apetite, dizzy feeling and nausea. It's been a challenge to adjust to this foreign feeling, but i've got it down to six things that usually help with the waves of generalized anxiety. 

1. Breathing exercises, closing your eyes, imagining yourself somewhere else, helps. Drinking water usually helps calm my breathing down too. 

2. Warm Baths, because duh, who doesn't love a warm bath. I like having a book to read while in the bathtub (to help me escape to a far away place), try lightly sented candles or adding essential oils to the water, read more about aromatherapy baths

3. Letting it out, sometimes all you need is a good cry, so if you're feeling overwhelmed with emotion just spend some time alone and just let go. *Cue Frozen Song* (LOL!) I promise you will feel much better. Sometimes when i let go i realize how silly my worries are and it really puts into perspective the things i've been obsessing about.
4. Lavender Essential Oil, with it's calming, earthy and sweetly floral scent, it's widely beloved for the relaxing and balancing effects it provides, on both a physical and emotional level. I like adding some drops to my chest or neck before going to sleep, or adding some drops with a cotton ball to my pillow. Read more about Lavender Oil uses

5. Listening to calming music, music has the power to change the atmosphere of a room, you can put on your favorite song or find music that calms your soul. I've found that Bon Iver's music calms me to the core, so when i'm about to fly or when i generally feel uneasy i'll pop my headphones on and just listen to his songs, close my eyes and let myself get carried away. 

6. Vitamin B supplements, my mom drinks vitamin B supplements every day and she suggested i give them a try and everytime i feel general anxiety creeping in, i get some water and take a vitamin. 

7. Talking about what's making me feel anxious, voicing your concerns to someone you love will help them help you calm down. (Did that make sense?) Usually the fears and what-ifs are a reaction to something that could happen, that might happen, but isn't happening now. Keeping these fears inside will just make you feel worse, so take a chance and talk it out. 

Q: Have you suffered from anxiety?! If so, have any other tips you'd recommend? Leave me a comment below :) 

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Coffee Table Reads

During our family's stay we visited one of the japanese malls and walked around a book store. One of the first things that caught my eye was this magazine, a guide book to all of the cafe's on island. I know i can't read most of it, but i have a special kind of love for japanese magazines and i thought it would make a great coffee table magazine. So of course i bought it! It was ¥900 ($9) but pretty worth it! 

First off most japanese books and magazines are binded on the right side, which for us it means the back of the book/magazine is the front and you read it backwards. I usually read magazines like this anyways so i kind of love it! Also, my favorite thing about japanese magazines is that they are designed very differently from our usual magazines. The pages are sort of scrapbook-ish looking instead of big pictures that take up the whole page with writing on top, like our magazines are. I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite pages with you guys, especially the ones that showcase the cafe's we have visited :). 

^^ Remember 'Seaside Cafe Hanon'? ^^ 

^^ the delicious Kajinho or as we americans call it 'Pizza in the Sky' ^^

^^ i mean look at this cute bakery page!! seriously obsessed! ^^ 

^^ halfway through they have a smaller magazine with cafe's in Naha (the capital). I love how this paper looks like a scrapbook! Ruler paper background, the pictures look printed, washi tape and then little handwritten notes. It can't get any cuter; or can it? ^^

^^ yup, it did get cuter with every page i turned! check out this watercolor map of Naha ^^ 

^^ this page showcases cafe's that have little stores where you can buy handmade items ^^

I know that whenever we move back to the states i will treasure this little magazine and it will surely take me back to the good times we've spent on this island. It cakes a pretty unique souvenier, don't you think? I hope you all have a great Labor Day Weekend! Go out and explore a new cafe around your area! ;) 

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Stitch Fix #2

A couple of months ago i signed up for Stitch Fix, this awesome online personal styling service that delivers right to your door, or your friendly neighborhood post office. All you need to do is fill out a style profile, pay a $20 styling fee that is later applied as a credit towards the items you decide to keep, and one of their stylist chooses five items just for you. The best part is that you get to try everything at home, play dress-up, keep what you loved, pay online and just send the rest within 3 business days in the pre-paid envelope provided. It's that easy and fun! They also ship to military APO/FPO which is a godsend! 

I reviewed my first Stitch Fix experience on the blog (click here if you missed it), it was pretty fun putting outfits together and playing dress up to help me decide what items to keep and which ones to send back. I did the same thing with my second Stitch Fix, which i received June, but i haven't had the time or motivation to share it with you guys. Being in a blogging rut sucks and i'm really sorry! 

What i received:
- Jasmine Pleat Detail Floral Print Blouse
- Burgdorf Diamond Printed Henley Blouse
- Andra French Terry Striped Shift Dress
- Astor Ruffle Front Tank (not pictured)
- Sandra Layered Pearl Flower Necklace

I only kept one top from my first Stitch Fix but i decided to keep all of the items i received in this second box! If you buy everything you get 25% off, which is really an awesome deal! There was only 1 top i wasn't too sure about (not pictured) because it looked a little too mature and was too loose for my taste, but i decided to gift it to my mom and she LOVED it! 

This dress was my absolute favorite! It's one of those dresses you can just throw on and look absolutely cute and comfortable in. I decided to style it for both casual and formal occasions, and i love how these looks turned out! (I actually wore that left outfit in Tokyo!). Casual Outfit: My husband loves when i pair dresses with my converse, so i decided to make this an outfit perfect for exploring the island. A denim vest, a turquoise statement necklace, the cutest little bag from Vietnam and my white chucks. I confess i've worn this outfit far too many times already! Night Outfit: Perfect for date night or girls night! Paired with a grey/gold statement necklace, gold watch, black/gold shoulder purse and my favorite wedges! Which one is your fave?

 If you guys are seasoned readers you should know that i have a sick obsession with pastels and when i saw this shirt i couldn't stop smiling! When i tried it on i did realize that it was a little bit too long for me (i have a super small torso), so i decided to belt it to emphasize my waist. Worn with medium wash cuffed skinny jeans and my Jeffrey Campbell sandals; as well as grey/gold statement studs.

I love printed tunics because they transition easily throughout the seasons, plus they are super easy to wear. I absolutely love this pale pink and navy print! Paired with dark skinny jeans and Forever 21 studded sandals. Could easily be styled with shorts for summer or boots for fall!  

I also got this super cute dainty necklace with daisies and pearls! Isn't it adorable? If you'd like to read more about Stitch Fix's awesome service, check out my referral link. I just received my Stich Fix #3, so stay tuned for more fun outfits! 

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

It's not goodbye, it's see you later!

Camp Smedley D. Butler, Okinawa has been our first duty station as a married couple (Husband was in Camp Lejeune previously) and after living here for almost two years we've experienced our first set of sad goodbyes. It's safe to say PCS season (summer) sucks! 

Shortly after moving here we started hanging out with a group of G's friends from work and their wives, what a great group of people we are lucky to call friends! We had countless BBQ's at one of the houses, we played tons and tons of board games, we had triple dates at Yakiniku Goen (Korean BBW) far too many times, we experienced some of them become parents and we got to see their sweet babies grow. This summer we are saying goodbye to our closest friends and their babies, and let's just say G and I are pretty upset by this! 

I'm sure we will have tons more of these sad goodbyes during G's time in the military, but we had to document our first because these guys will forever have a special place in our hearts. We love you guys and thanks for making our time in Okinawa super fun! We wish you the best of luck in your next adventure. It's really not goodbye, more like see you later! 

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